Should You Install A Natural Slate Roof On Your Home?

There are so many different roofing material options on the market today that it is stressful to try and decide on the one that is right for your new home. If you are looking for a long-lasting, natural stone roof, then you may want to consider having a slate roof installed.

Below is some information about slate to help you decide if this type of roofing material will meet your needs:

Slate Roof Origins

Slate is a natural stone that is quarried from many locations around the country. Since slate does not absorb water well, it does not contract and expand from changes in temperature. This makes slate an ideal roofing material in areas that receive a lot of snow and rain because the slate roofing tiles will not crack or leak.

Slate Roofing Material Colors and Fading Issues

Slate stones naturally vary in color, depending upon the location that they have been quarried from. In addition to a variation in color, the slate from different locations will act differently as it weathers on top of your home in the elements. Some slate will turn brown as it ages while other slate will get lighter in color as it becomes bleached by the sun's rays.

When you look at slate roofing materials, you should always ask the dealer for a sample of what the material will look like after it has aged on the roof.

Slate Roof Decking Requirements

Slate is a very heavy material to use on your home's roof, so it requires one of the following two types of decking materials:

  1. concrete

  2. wood

When it overlays a concrete roof, the slate will need to be attached by a particular adhesive. The roofing adhesive will hold the slate tiles in place, and it will remain waterproof.

When slate roofing tiles are installed over a wooden decking material, a thick plywood is used. To attach the slate tiles to the wooden decking material, copper or stainless steel nails with smooth shanks are used.

To install the nails through the slate, pilot holes are drilled with a special drill bit and then the nails are driven in with a hammer or an air tool.

For More Information About Slate Roofing Materials

If you have additional questions about slate roofing materials and if slate is the right natural stone option for your home's new roof, then you should speak with a licensed roofing company in your local area.