Four Steps You Can Take To Protect Your Roof From Winter Storms

With the snows of winter quickly approaching, now may be the only chance you have to shore up your roof against damage from winter weather.

1. Remove at-risk tree branches

If you have trees near or overhanging your house, inspect them for any dead or weak-looking branches that may present a hazard to the roof. Removing these branches now can save a lot of expense and hassle during the winter. You should also consider removing any nearby trees that are leaning toward your house or that are old and rotten or otherwise unstable. Check with your homeowners' association for regulations about tree removal.

2. Clean and check gutters and downspouts

Blocked gutters can back up, causing water to collect on the roof and potentially create leaks. Cleaning out the gutters now is much easier than doing it in winter weather, so get out there and clear out any debris that's collected in gutters and downspouts. While you're at it, inspect the gutters for any damage or leaks that might require repairs, and make sure the downspouts lead away from the house and end in a well-drained area.

3. Get ready to remove snow

If you have frequent heavy snowfall in your area, you should make sure you're equipped with the tools to periodically clear snow from your roof. This may include a reliable ladder or a rake with an extra-long handle if you prefer to remove snow while standing on the ground. If you don't want to handle the snow removal yourself, get a reliable contractor lined up to do the job for you throughout the winter.

4. Keep the attic isolated

Your attic should stay nearly as cold as the outside air to prevent ice dam leaks. Insulation between the attic and the rest of the house is an important part of this, but you can maximize the effectiveness of the insulation by filling any chinks or holes that might allow heat to access the attic. These include the areas around light fixtures and the area around the attic access, especially if you use a trapdoor with a folding ladder.

These four steps can prepare your roof for the harshest winter and prepare you to most easily care for it during the months of heavy snowfall. As you prepare for a cozy winter, remember to keep your roofing contractor's, such as Roofers in Winnipeg, contact info handy in the case of unforeseen roof damage during the winter season.