Metal Roof Repair Guide

Repairing a metal roof can be an expensive and challenging job. If it is a simple repair job, these guidelines should be all you need to achieve a successful repair on the home. If there is an extensive amount of work required or problems with the roof, it may be advisable to hire a professional.


Be sure you have a pair of goggles and leather gloves before you begin the repairs. First, you will need to measure and mark the section where you will need the metal patch. Choose a piece of metal similar to the material used on the current roof. Be sure it is the same thickness, shape, and type. Cut and file the edges.

Solder the Roof

If you have rusty spots on the roof, you can trim a similar piece of metal to a size that exceeds the size of the damage. It must overlap on each of the four sides.

A wire brush can be used to clean the area to be patched. Tighten the metal in place with a pair of pliers.

Place the patch to the roof using soldering flux. Put the flux on the area around the hole and on the metal patch. Place the patch over the hole, and place a heavy object on top so it can remain in place while it dries. Use a soldering gun to adhere the edges.

You can purchase automotive paint to cover metals used that may not be the same color.

Mesh Repairs

Wire mesh is used for patching leaks and holes on aluminum roofing. First, cut a piece of mesh to cover the damaged area. After cleaning it, use some urethane roofing cement and place a mesh patch over the area. You will need to place another layer over this section, and seal it with more cement.

Safety Tips

  • Choose a ladder that is heavy duty and capable of holding your weight. Be sure all of the rungs are safe.
  • Don't climb on the roof during cold or damp weather conditions. If your shoes become wet, you could slip and face numerous injuries.
  • When possible, make the repairs with a ladder next to the roof.
  • Have someone hold the ladder in place. If you don't have a helper, place a heavy object at the base of the ladder for an anchoring point.
  • Use a utility belt to hold the necessary items so you don't have to go up and down the ladder. Make sure you have all of the items on the belt you will need before you begin the job.

For any minor repairs, these tips should be all you need to fix the metal roof. Safety is a must when you begin the project. It will be rewarding after the job is successfully completed. However, if you are not sure about any of the process or have a roof with a pitch that's too steep, request repair for pitched roofs by Cleroux & Sons Roofing or another roofing company.