Inside And Outside: Signs That Your Commercial Building Needs A Roof Repair

The roof covering your place of business is just as important as the roof over your home. If the roof needs to be repaired or replaced, procrastination can lead to hefty expenses. You may not only need to fix the roof, but a roofing issue can cause damage to the structure of the building and to the expensive equipment and furnishings inside. To ensure that you can handle roofing problems quickly, here are a few signs on the inside and outside of a commercial building that may indicate your roof needs to be repaired:

Inside the Building

Water Stains on the Ceiling

If you see stains on the ceiling of your building, you probably have a leaky roof. These stains may vary in size, but they are easily recognizable. They are usually yellow or brown in color and have an irregular but rounded shape. Some stains may appear lighter in the middle and darker around the perimeter, depending on how the water soaks into the ceiling material.

The Sudden Appearance or Smell of Mold

If you have not had any plumbing problems and you suddenly noticed a damp, musty smell or black spots of mold on your walls, a leaky roof could be the culprit. Mold grows well in a damp environment, and a roof leak can elevate the moisture levels throughout your building as the water is absorbed by drywall, insulation and carpet.

Outside the Building

Standing Water on the Rooftop

If you are able to safely access the flat roof of your commercial building, you may notice puddles of standing water. This can indicate that your rooftop has weakened. Excessive standing water can be quite heavy, and this additional weight can weaken your roofing materials.

Bubbles on Your Rooftop

Raised bubble-like areas on your roof can be an indication of trapped moisture. If water invades an area beneath your roofing material, it can become trapped there and cause leaks. In addition, if the roofing material is unable to dry out after a rainy period, the trapped water can cause your roof to degrade at a faster rate.

Gaps in the Flashing

The flashing of a roof is the strip of metal that borders the roof and helps to deflect water away from the seams and joints. A gap between the flashing and the rooftop could also signify the need for a roofing repair. 

A properly maintained roof will protect your building and your business. If you are concerned about the integrity of the roof, contact a provider of commercial roofing services in your area today.