Important Steps For Flat Roof Maintenance

Properly maintaining the roof of a home limits the risk it will become damaged and need potentially costly repairs. Not maintaining a roof in the proper way could also void the warranty on the roof, leaving the homeowner liable for any damage that occurs to the roof. There are a number of steps for flat roof maintenance, whether the homeowner is planning to do this maintenance on his own or hire someone to keep the roof in good shape.

Keep the Roof Clean

While it may not seem necessary to remove debris from the top of the roof, this is an important step. For example, should a seed fall on the roof that hasn't been properly cleaned, future rains may actually lead to the seed sprouting and growing and the roots of the plant damaging the roof. Dirt and leaves can turn into mulch over time, providing the perfect soil for seeds like this. Regularly sweep flat roofs clean of all dirt and debris to prevent this type of thing from happening.

Trim Tree Branches

While it may not occur to some people, it's also important to trim any branches that are close to the roof, as otherwise the wind could blow the branches against the roof, and they could scrape and damage it. Having trees near enough to scrape the roof could pose a risk that they may fall down and damage the roof during a storm as well, so in some cases it may be better to just remove the trees.

Clean Out Scuppers and Drains

Not keeping these clean could prevent water from properly flowing off of the roof. If water builds up on the roof, it will damage the roof and cause leaks, which can damage the structure and interior of the home as well as the roof itself.

Make Sure Caulking Around Flashing Is Intact

Keeping this caulking intact helps prevent leaks, so inspect it regularly to make sure there aren't any cracks. Should there be cracks, it's a simple repair with a caulking gun. Also, make sure the flashings aren't loose.

Make Timely Repairs

Should the roof have any damage, it's important to repair it right away. The longer repairs are left, the worse the potential damage and the more expensive it will be to fix. In some cases, this could be as easy as having some long-lasting polyurethane foam applied to the roof to patch any scrapes.

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Inspect the roof and perform any necessary maintenance at least twice per year and more often if necessary, such as after a particularly severe storm.