A Couple Of Myths You May Believe About Your Home’s Roof

Addressing roof damage is a task that homeowners will frequently find themselves needing to do. However, incorrect information and limited practical experience with this task can pose problems for new homeowners that are addressing some of their first roofing problems.

Myth: Punctures Only Pose A Threat To The House Due To The Risk Of Water Damage

It can be common for strong storms to cause sticks, twigs and other potentially sharp items to become impaled in the roof. Homeowners will often assume that the damage from these punctures will be limited to the risk of water entering through the hole. While this is clearly one of the more serious and common forms of damage, there are other ways that a puncture in the roof can present problems for your house. For example, it can be possible for insects, squirrels and other pests to have easier access to the interior of the home if these holes are present, and these creatures can cause damage to the interior from their nesting activities and droppings.

Myth: Shingles Only Need To Be Replaced If They Have Suffered Serious Damage

Asphalt shingles are commonly used as a protective covering for roofs. While stone tile or other materials can also be used to cover a roof, asphalt shingles are often the most economical option. Homeowners often assume that their shingles will last until they suffer damage from storms or other events. Unfortunately, this is not correct as it is possible for exposure to the elements to have a weathering effect on the shingles, and this can greatly reduce their effectiveness. Restoring the protection offered by the shingles will require you to have them replaced once they become sufficiently worn. Luckily, it can be fairly easy to tell whether this work needs to be done as small granules will start to wash off of the shingles. You will know this is happening by these granules accumulating near your gutters' downspouts. Also, you may notice that sections of the roof are changing color, which occurs for the underlayer of the shingles being exposed.

If you are to be a responsible homeowner, you will need to be prepared to handle some of the issues that can arise with the various components of the house. Knowing the threat that even small roof punctures can pose to your house as well as the warning signs that the shingles are needing to be replaced will give you invaluable insight when it comes to keeping your house safe from common sources of damage.

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