Information You Should Know About Your Roof

If you are a new home owner then learning about the different parts of your home is important. You need to make sure you know all about proper home maintenance so you can avoid major issues that can leave you in a mess and be quite costly for you to have taken care of. The roof is just one of the areas of concern you should have. Here are a few important roof maintenance tips many new home owners have and the answers to them:

There is a stain on my ceiling, how do I know if it is from a leak that's been repaired?

If you look up and see a stain on your ceiling then it is possible that it is from a previous leak, or it could be from one that's going to cause you problems in the future. You can have someone go on the roof and wet the area well with the hose while you watch for drops. If you don't have a capable person to help you with this then the best thing to do is to have a roofer come out and check the roof for leaks for you.

My gutters need cleaning but I don't like to get on ladders, what can I do?

If you can clearly see that your rain gutters are full of leaves then you need to remove them. If you don't like the idea of getting on a ladder and scooping them out by hand, then you have other options available to you. You can hire someone to come out and clean them for you. Or, you can purchase gutter cleaning tongs. These are tongs on a long bent rod that you can control from the ground. You will fit the tongs into the gutter and use the lever on the handle to pinch the leaves and remove them. You can also get attachments for your shop vac and use it to suck the leaves out of the gutter.

How do I prevent ice dams from developing on my roof when it snows?

The easiest way for you to go about preventing ice dams from developing on the roof during snowy weather is to use rock salt. You can purchase a large bag of it to melt ice on your walkways and to prevent ice dams. You will put a generous amount of the rock salt directly on the roof where you suspect ice dams will develop. It's also a good idea to remove fragile items from under that area just to be on the safe side. For more information, contact a business such as Versatile  Roofing