Correcting Roofing Misinformation Homeowners Often Believe

A damaged roof is an issue that homeowners must have to address from time-to-time. Mistakes with this aspect of being a homeowner will prove to be extremely costly. While roofing damage is a common problem, it is also a common issue for homeowners to be very misinformed when it concerns damage to their home's roof.

Myth: Wind Is The Only Way That Strong Storms Can Damage Your Asphalt Shingle Roof

Strong storms can be one of the more frequent causes of substantial roofing damage. In particular, wind damage is one of the more commonly seen types of roof issues. This can lead individuals to assume that the wind is the only way that their property can be damaged by strong storms. However, there are other ways that these weather events can compromise your roof. For example, it is possible for large hailstones to puncture the roof, and water can rot the support beams by seeping through compromised seals.

Myth: The Shingles Are The Only Part Of The Roof That Requires Regular Care

Asphalt shingles are easily one of the most common types of roofing materials. When it comes to maintaining a roof, homeowners will often assume that this simply means keeping the asphalt shingles in good condition. However, there are other components that will also need to be maintained if you are to protect your roof against wear and tear. More specifically, this will require you to regularly replace any compromised flashing and keep the gutters clean and free of leaks. Otherwise, water will be able to get into the structure where it can cause considerable damage before you realize what has happened.

Myth: Having A Chimney Will Not Change The Care Needs Of Your Roof

A fireplace can help to keep your home warm when it is cold outside. However, you will need to appreciate the impact that a chimney can have on your roof. A poorly maintained chimney can cause heat to leak out, which can warp the roof components. Eventually, this warping can become severe enough to allow gaps to form in the roof that can allow heated or cooled air to escape from the house, moisture to enter the roof, and insects to more easily enter the structure.

Every year, you should have your chimney professionally inspected to ensure that it is free of leaks or other damages. Also, you should have a professional roof contractor closely inspect the flashing around the chimney to ensure that it is effectively preventing water from seeping under the roof.

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