Protecting Your Roof Through Awareness And Preemption - Signs Your Gutters Need Service

Owning your own home means building a knowledge base that lets you stay aware of a wide variety of threats to the stability of your home. Given the extremely important role that your roof plays in nearly every part of your daily life, it should be at the top of your list of concerns.

Some of the biggest threats to your roof may not come from the roof structure itself, but instead from your gutters. Gutter damage can radiate throughout the entire surface of your roof, leaving you wishing you had acted to remedy problems as soon as they arise. Below, you'll find a guide to some signs you need gutter service that should help you stay on top of that task:


When your gutters are operating properly, they should be able to handle any rain storm. A clear path and an open downspout can quickly divert water away from the surface of your roof and the foundation of your home, whereas water splashing over the sides of your gutters can leave you dealing with substantial damage.

If you notice that sloshing action, you should seek out professional gutter assistance. While you may just be in need of a thorough clean out, it's also possible that your gutters have become damaged and improperly hung from water weight, and that problem needs to be addressed.

Noticeable Sag

As mentioned above, once your gutters start to pull away from the surface of your roof, both performance and stability will drop precipitously. Too much weight can make this process inevitable and can leave you scrambling to bring back the performance you desire.

Frequently, your gutter service will be able to rehang your existing gutters and restore them to their original state. Once sag begins to set in, however, you need to open yourself up to the possibility that you might require a total replacement in order to find the level of protection that you're used to.

Growing Plants

If you have trees overhanging your gutters, you might be at risk for more growth than you expected. Seeds and leaves can land in your gutter and use the residual moisture to begin to sprout. Not only does this raise some obvious structural challenges, but it can also encourage the growth and spread of mold. If the mold reaches your roof surface, it could permeate your home and cause a serious problem. If you see leaves beginning to creep out of your gutter, contact your professional gutter service for a fix.

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