3 Great Tips For Cleaning Your Gutters

Come the end of autumn, homeowners across the country struggle with one of the most tedious household tasks: cleaning their gutters. Failing to get up on a ladder and clean them out means that the flow of water will be slowed or completely blocked by the debris that has fallen in, and so the water will soak whatever is underneath. To avoid this predicament — and learn how best to go about cleaning your gutters — take a look below at three helpful tips. 

Pressure Wash

The easiest way to go about cleaning your gutters is by using a pressure washer. A pressure washer not only ensures that you can clean your gutters quickly, but it gets rid of all the dirt that has collected along the bottom. Using some other tool, such as a simple scoop or brush, will only clean the gutters in a superficial way. Yes, you may get rid of most of the leaves, but the gutters won't really be clean. To achieve a thorough cleaning, be sure to use a pressure washer.

Wear Proper Protective Gear

Cleaning your gutters isn't a particularly dangerous task, but, as a result, many people fail to wear the proper protective gear. While this gear is far from elaborate, it can make cleaning a lot easier and more pleasant. For one, you'll want to wear long sleeves and old gloves that you don't mind getting dirty. In addition to keeping you cleaner, this will protect you from any sharp debris that has accidentally fallen into the gutters. Next, protective goggles are a must. If you follow the above tip and end up using a pressure washer, then splashes of dirt and grime are bound to fly your way. Preventing a nasty infection — or even a sudden loss of balance caused by a splash — is as simple as putting on a pair of safety glasses.

Protect Your Lawn

Your hands and eyes shouldn't be the only things you should be protecting when you clean your gutters; your lawn should receive the same treatment. Many people make the mistake of putting all the debris they have cleaned from their gutters straight onto their lawn. Not only does this make it much more difficult to clean up, but it can seriously harm your lawn. Instead, dump all the leaves and other debris onto a plastic tarp. This makes cleanup exponentially easier and protects your lawn at the same time.

For additional tips and advice, contact a professional gutter service, such as Complete Gutter Solutions.