Mold, Rot & Fungus Oh My! 3 Hidden Problems That Are Caused by Lasting Roof Leaks

When your roof is damaged, you want to have the problem quickly repaired. Sometimes, the damage goes unnoticed and this leads to other problems.  The problems start small and lead to mold, rot and structural damage. If you have a leak that has gone unnoticed for years, here are some of the additional repairs that may be needed:

1. The Mold & Water Damage That Can Start with a Small Roof Leak

The most common problem with a roof leak that goes unnoticed is mold and mildew. As the leak begins to absorb the moisture, mildew begins to take hold on organic materials like wood. Inside your home, the mildews start off small and then mold will begin to grow and spread rapidly if there is a source of moisture. The mold and mildew can lead to serious water damage problems, which may affect areas that are not even near the leak.

2. The Structural Damage That Starts with Small Roof Leaks & Rot

Structural damage may be another problem that you must deal with because of a leak that goes unnoticed. As the mold and mildew begin to take hold on wood and organic materials, this will lead to the rot of wood structural members. If the problem is caught in time, it may be isolated to just the roof decking and small area of rafters that are easily repaired. When the leak goes on for too long, the rot can quickly spread to other areas of your homes structure and cause you to need expensive renovations to repair the damage.

3. The Fungus That Comes from Leaks and Roof Problems That Need Repairs

Since there is a source of water, fungus like moss and lichen can also begin to grow on top of your roof. The problem of fungus may be due to several contributing factors. If you have shade trees around your home that are not trimmed, this causes the perfect conditions for moss and lichen to grow. In addition, roof leaks will aid in the growth of fungus by providing the moisture that is needed for moss and lichen to grow. Regular maintenance of your roof will help keep fungus problems that cause excessive wear at bay.

These are some of the repairs that you are likely to need if you have a roof leak that goes unnoticed for a long time. If you need roof repairs, contact a roofing contractor through companies like Amick Roofing Inc to help with the more serious damage to your roof.