Signs You Can See From The Ground That Signal A Worn Out Asphalt Shingle Roof

If you are buying a home and are concerned with getting stuck with one that has a worn asphalt shingle roof, then you will be pleased to learn there are obvious signs of an impending roof failure you can see from the ground, including:

Roof Failure Sign: A Sagging or Wavy Look

When you are evaluating a home's roof from the ground, it is important that you walk around the house and look for sagging. If the plywood sheeting below the shingles is too worn or has gotten wet, then large sections of the roof will sag or have a wavy appearance. If you can tell where the rafters are by looking at the roof, then it is near the end of its useful life.

Roof Failure Sign: Missing, Buckled, or Curled Shingles

After you have looked at the major structure of the look and have determined it doesn't have any saggy or wavy areas, then you should look at the shingles themselves. Signs of shingles that are wearing out include each of the following:

  • missing shingles
  • buckled shingles
  • curled shingles

As the roof ages, worn shingles will blow off in the wind, and those that are curled or buckled will continue to shed off in storms. Areas with missing or damaged shingles will allow water down onto the underlayment sheeting and damage it.

Roof Failure Sign: Black or Green Splotches or Streaks

While you are inspecting the roof's shingles, watch out for black or green streaks or splotches. Black streaks are a sign of mold growing on a roof that has moisture in areas where it shouldn't. And, green splotches is a sure sign that moss or algae are growing on the roof. Biological growth on any roof is a sign that water isn't correctly draining and an expensive roof replacement is in its near future.

Roof Failure Sign: The Roof is a Couple Decades Old

Finally, even if you do not see any signs of obvious roof damage, you should be suspicious of the roof quality of any home that was built a couple decades ago or more. Standard asphalt roofing shingles are good for a couple decades and then they start to fail and need replacement. If you look around the neighborhood and see a bunch of newer roofs, then this is a sure sign that the home you are looking at may also need one in the near future.

In order to know for sure how much longer the roof has, you should have it professionally inspected by professional roofing services.