Two State-Of-The-Art Roofing Products

When it comes to state-of-the-art roofing products, homeowners want the best of all worlds. That is, they want something that is stylish, affordable, energy efficient, and easy to take care of, all at the same time. Of course, some products might be stronger in some areas. Some products are stylish, but not very energy efficient. The most affordable products, on the other hand, might not look very good. Today, there is an increasing number of synthetic products that are becoming more and more popular because they tick all of the boxes. This article looks at two of the most state-of-the-art roofing products on the market today.

Printed Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are nothing new. They have been used on roofs of all types for many years. Ceramic tiles are an affordable roofing material. They have become even more stylish in recent years because of advanced printing techniques. Printed ceramic tiles now look more like the product they are mimicking. For instance, a printed natural stone finish will look very authentic. Most importantly, it will probably be cheaper, lighter, and more energy efficient than the equivalent natural stone. It is easy to see why ceramic tiles are preferred by so many homeowners.

Composite Wood Shingles

Another modern product that is becoming more and more popular for residential roofs is composite wood. Composite wood shingles are even more realistic looking then synthetic tiles. They are physically softer, and this shows in the way they look. They look and feel more like real wood. It is important to note that most composite wood shingles are made out of real wood. However, this is plywood or ground-up wood shavings that are held together with waterproof epoxies. The finish that you actually see is also printed; it is not real wood grain. Only the core is real wood.

Basically, composite wood still looks more like the real thing than ceramic tile, but it doesn't look 100% like real wood. When looking at a composite wood shingle up close, you will easily be able to tell that it is not real wood. But, when it is installed on your roof, and you are looking at it from your front yard, it will look just like real wood. Since it looks so much like real wood once it is installed, and it requires so much less maintenance, it is easy to see why some homeowners prefer it over lumber.

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