Clean And Repair A Foam Roof Coating

If your business has a foam roof coating covering the building's flatop roof, it is essential that you inspect and clean the foam surface each year to detect underlying problems and to prevent foam from wearing out. Use the tips below to visually check the rooftop, remove debris and surfaces stains, and add a recoating product if necessary.


  • ladder
  • harness
  • bucket
  • push broom
  • bleach
  • warm water
  • spray bottle
  • soft sponge
  • can of foam roof coating
  • spray nozzle
  • putty knife or scraper
  • elastomeric coating
  • paint roller

Inspect The Roof And Remove Loose Objects

If the building is relatively tall and you are concerned about falling from the rooftop, wearing a safety harness and asking someone to assist with keeping the ladder steady can prevent injuries. Carry a bucket and push broom onto the rooftop. Once standing on the roof, pick up large objects by hand (tree branches, leaves, etc) and place them in the bucket. Use a push broom to sweep across the rooftop in straight lines. 

Treat Stains

Fill a large spray bottle with equal amounts of chlorine bleach and warm water. Use the spray bottle to administer the mixture to surface stains on the rooftop. Make sure that stained surfaces are saturated and wait several minutes before wiping the stains with a sponge so that substances will have a chance to loosen. Use a large, soft sponge to wipe treated surfaces. After the rooftop is clean, rinse it off with a light stream of water and allow the foam surface to dry. While waiting for the roof to dry, climb down the ladder. 

Reapply Foam If Necessary

Climb back onto the rooftop and inspect the surface of the roof. The foam coating should be slightly rough and the roof should have a uniform appearance. If there are any small spots that are lacking a textured surface, applying a foam coating to them will prevent further wear. Secure a can of foam roof coating to a spray nozzle. While standing on the rooftop, hold the nozzle directly over the portion of the roof that needs to be retextured.

Spray the coating evenly across the area being repaired. The foam roof coating will begin to dry quickly, making it important to use a flexible putty knife or scraper to smooth out the surface of the foam as soon as it has been applied. After the foam coating has dried, use a paint roller to apply a clear, elastomeric coating over the fresh foam surface.