3 Ways Roof Replacement Reduces Home Maintenance Costs

Replacing your roof is a large-scale project, since the largest exterior surface of your home will be completely ripped off and replaced with a new set of materials. However, beyond the aesthetic and functional benefits associated with a roof replacement, installing a new roof on your home will also greatly reduce the long-run maintenance costs associated with your home. Understanding some of the residual savings that roof replacement offers can help you figure out if replacing your roof is the best decision for your home's needs.

Lowers Energy Bills

One of the major advantages of replacing your roof is the fact that it will significantly reduce the amount of energy that your central heating and cooling system will have to use to maintain a comfortable level within your home. This is because of the increased insulative value of a new roof: any potential leaks that could allow heat to enter or escape from your home are eliminated, meaning that the interior temperature of your home is more easily maintained. This is coupled with the fact that certain roofing materials, like metal or certain energy efficient shingles, are reflective, which can help reduce the amount of heat that your roof absorbs in the summer months.

Improves Ventilation

Furthermore, replacing your roof means that you can redo your attic vents as well to ensure that your attic is receiving proper ventilation. Besides helping to cool down the top level of your home (thus reducing the amount of energy that your air conditioner uses, in line with the above point), improved ventilation can also reduce the risk of condensation forming in your attic's insulation, which can cause significant damage and promote mold and mildew growth—which can be a serious health concern if left unchecked. Improved attic ventilation will also help keep your roof cool in the winter, preventing ice dams from forming due to melting snow.

Eliminates Leaks

Finally, one of the more obvious benefits of replacing your roof is the fact that you will greatly reduce the likelihood that your roof will develop a leak over time. This helps you save money on water damage repair and mold remediation services which can occur due to small amounts of damage to your roof, as well as the actual roof repair cost associated with patching up a leak to ensure that such damage does not occur again in the future. Depending on the age and frequency of repairs on your current roof, a complete roof replacement may be the less expensive and more financially responsible option to take.

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