Secure Advertising Materials To A Shingle Rooftop

If you want to add some inflatables to the shingle rooftop that is covering your hardware store and plan on hanging a banner from the edges of the rooftop, cleaning and inspecting the rooftop prior to securing advertising materials will increase the odds that the additions remain stable. Use the tactics below to assist with preparing to secure inflatables and a banner. When you are ready to remove the items from the rooftop, be careful so that you do not cause damage to any of the roofing materials.


  • ladder
  • lightweight broom or rake
  • detergent
  • sponge
  • stiff-bristled brush
  • hose
  • nails
  • nail gun
  • air pump
  • inflatables
  • bungee cords
  • rope
  • twine
  • scissors
  • double-sided tape
  • vinyl banner

Clean The Roof And Inspect Shingles

If the inflatables and banner are going to be used to promote an impending sale at your business, it is a good idea to clean the rooftop so that your hardware store has an attractive appearance. Begin by securing a ladder next to the hardware store. Climb to the top of the ladder and use a lightweight broom or rake to move tree limbs or branches from the rooftop. Use a hose to dampen the shingles.

If the shingles are stained, add detergent to the affected roofing materials and move a sponge or stiff-bristled brush across the detergent-covered roofing materials. Spray water across the roof. After the shingles have dried, inspect the roofing materials. Make sure that none of the shingles are loose and in danger of falling off the rooftop. If you do discover loose shingles, use roofing nails and a nail gun to secure the shingles. 

Secure And Remove Items

After filling inflatables with air, you need to decide which part of the roof you would like to add the inflatables to. If you secure the inflatables near the front of the roof, you will not need to be concerned about walking on the rooftop and possibly injuring yourself or causing damage to the roofing materials. Use bungee cords, pieces of rope, or double-sided adhesive to stabilize the inflatables.

If you choose to use cords or rope, tie the pieces around the inflatables before securing the opposite end of each cord or piece of rope to a hook or nail that is installed along the edge of the roof. If the vinyl banner has metal grommets in each corner, insert thin pieces of twine through the grommets before tying one end of each piece of twine to a sturdy item.

When you would like to remove the inflatables and banner from the rooftop, take your time so that you do not damage the shingles. Avoid tugging on the inflatables and banner and use scissors to remove knots in cords, rope, or twine before removing the advertising materials. Contact a service, like JC Roofing & Insulating, for more help.