3 Tips For Dealing With A Leaky Roof

Have spring rains brought the unwelcome surprise of a leaky roof? Do you need to do something about it soon but you've never had to handle a leaky roof before? Dealing with a leaky roof can be an extremely stressful situation. In order to keep your home as undamaged as possible, you need a solution before the next rainstorm rolls in. Depending on where you live, there may be only a few days or even hours before the next storm begins. To get things done as quickly and as efficiently as possible, it's important that you do the following things.

1. Get the damage covered: It's not always immediately obvious where the water is leaking into a roof or how extensive the damage is. You may have a leak in the ceiling of your living room, but your roof is leaking over one of your bedrooms. This is why it's important to get a professional roofing repair company out to cover the roof. Although you may have to pay a few hundred dollars out of pocket to have this done, it will give you time to decide exactly which roofing repair company you want to have handle the repair itself while also preventing the damage from spreading. 

2. Contact your insurance company: While many insurance policies do not cover water damage, exceptions are often made when the culprit is a damaged roof. Also, there is a good chance that contacting your insurance company and filing a claim means that the insurance company will pay your roofing repair company directly so that all you have to deal with is your deductible. Otherwise, you may have to pay the roofing company yourself and wait for your insurance company to pay you back. The sooner you get your insurance company involved, the easier everything will be.

3. Decide on a repair company: There is one major rule of thumb when it comes to hiring a roofing repair company: never hire one who knocks on your door, looking for work. These are often scammers who will take your money and run. There are plenty of legitimate companies to choose from, so you can safely ignore anyone who knocks on your door. When choosing a roofing company, always pick one that is bonded and/or insured for their work. You should also find out if your state or municipality issues licenses to roofing companies and, if this is the case, only hire licensed roofers. 

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