How Replacement Windows Help You Stay Warmer In The Winter

Replacement windows are usually a good investment for your home because they add to the value of your house and help you save on energy bills. In this way, the windows help pay for themselves over time. More importantly though, new windows help control the climate in your home so you're more comfortable on cold winter days. This is important when you want to reduce the use of your furnace as much as possible to save on power costs. Here's how replacement windows can help keep you warmer in the winter.

Replacement Windows Stop Drafts

One sign your old windows are in bad shape is when they leak when it rains or when you can feel a chilly draft around them in the winter. If your windows are cold to touch or if you can feel the temperature drop as you walk closer to the windows, then you can tell they aren't energy efficient at all. You're losing heat from inside your home to the outdoors, and while you can slow down the process with heavy drapes or plastic sheeting, those methods are not nearly as effective as having new windows installed. This process may also require making repairs to wood that may be rotting or damaged so the new frames have a snug fit. Replacement windows eliminate cold drafts in the winter so you are more comfortable in your home.

Replacement Windows Allow Solar Heating

When you have old windows that let heat escape, you need to keep them covered to protect your home from heat loss and to block drafts. That might keep your home a little warmer, but you'll miss out on the heat from the sun. When you have replacement windows that have energy-efficient frames and glass, you can open the drapes and shades so sun can shine through the windows and help heat your home, even during cold winter days. Windows on the south and west side of your home can provide solar heating during the day to help keep those rooms of your home more comfortable.

Replacement Windows Block Heat Transfer Through Glass

Replacement windows not only block drafts and air leaks through having a snug fit, they also reduce heat transfer through the glass and insulated frame materials. When you buy new windows, you can look for the ratings on the label that show how well the windows reduce heat transfer. This might be done through the use of multiple-pane glass or window coatings that reduce the amount of heat that can pass through the windows. This helps hold heat inside your house so it isn't wasted by seeping outside through old windows.

If you're tired of always having to wear heavy sweaters indoors or staying wrapped in blankets when you watch TV in the winter, then it's time to consider having your windows replaced. Replacement windows help keep your home cozy, and they'll give your home a fresh new appearance too. Companies like Husker Roofing can help.