A Clean Tile Roof Enhances The Appearance Of Your Home

A tile roof makes your home look more attractive, but when the tiles become dirty or covered with moss, your beautiful roof becomes an eyesore. Fortunately, tiles can usually be cleaned to look good as new. Here's a look at the process and why you should let a professional do the job.

Reasons To Let A Professional Clean Your Tile Roof

Tiles can crack if you don't walk on them properly. You need to put your weight on the lower portion of the tile or on flat places, so your weight is distributed evenly. Working from a ladder or a sheet of cushioned plywood is a safer way to work on a tile roof to avoid damaging it. Tile roofs can be a danger to you too when you attempt DIY cleaning. The tiles can be slick when they are wet or covered in cleaning solutions. A professional has the skills and experience needed to protect your roof and be safe during the cleaning process.

Debris Should Be Cleared From The Roof

If you have tree limbs that hang over the roof, the roof might be littered with branches and leaves. The gutters might be full of tree debris too. All this material should be cleared from the roof and gutters so the tiles can be cleaned properly and so the water and cleaning chemicals will flow out the downspout rather than spill over and harm your plants.

Your Roof Will Be Washed Or Scrubbed

Your cleaning service may use a pressure washer to clean your tile roof. It can save them from having to scrub the tiles. If a pressure washer isn't used, then it will be necessary to scrub the tiles to remove stains and dirt. First, the water rinses away surface dirt and grime. Then, chemicals may be added that break apart stains and remove moss and algae. After the chemicals have time to work, a final rinse gets rid of all the cleaning solutions so no dull film is left behind.

Your roof will probably be cleaned in sections to make sure the roof doesn't dry out too fast and that the cleaners are rinsed thoroughly. While pressure washing is helpful in cleaning a tile roof, it must be handled properly and the appropriate pressure used so no damage is caused to the roof and so water isn't forced under or into the tiles. Your cleaning service may prefer to just use water from a hose and a scrub brush instead.

Washing your tile roof and removing stains and moss with the appropriate cleaning solutions will transform the appearance of the tiles. You can go a step further and have the tiles buffed to improve their appearance once they're dry. This removes any chalky coating that may form due to the interaction with water. A clean tile roof has such an improved appearance that you may want to have it cleaned on a regular basis according to how dirty it gets in your location. Cleaning it not only keeps your roof looking nice, but it also prolongs its life as well.

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