5 Different Services Your Local Roofing Company Can Offer You

Did you know that roofing services can usually more than just replace your roof? Certain companies can clean your gutters, fix damaged shingles, reseal around vents, and fix your chimney.

#1 Clean Your Gutters

You should clean out your gutters a couple of times a year. Clean gutters ensure that water is able to properly flow off of your roof and into your drainage system. When your gutters get backed up, water often makes its way to places where it shouldn't. Cleaning out your gutters can be risky business if you don't have the right safety equipment or mobility to do the job.

Gutters can get damaged over time. When you hire a roofing company to clean out your gutters, they can also repair any loose or damaged hangers and fix any seams that have come apart as well.

#2 Check Your Downspouts

Your downspouts are an important part of your gutter system. A roofing professional can make sure that they are securely attached to your home. They can make sure that your downspouts are directing water properly away from your home.

#3 Fix Damaged Shingles

If you notice that you have a few shingles that blew off your roof this year, or that some of your shingles are damaged in some way or another, a roofing contractor can fix your damaged shingles. Most roofing contractors have a team just for doing routine maintenance, like fixing damaged shingles.

#4 Seal Around Vents

The seals around the air vents in your roof are not designed to last forever. The caulking around the vents in your roof generally wears down after a couple of years, requiring re-caulking. You want to make sure that you keep the areas around your vents as sealed to prevent water from getting under the vents and damaging the under layers of your roof.

#5 Fix Your Chimney

Next, most roofing contractors also have some experience with chimneys. They can re-caulk around the base of your chimney and make sure that the base of your chimney is not being compromised and allowing water into your roof. They can fix basic damage to the bricks on your chimney. Most roofing companies can also install covers that keep debris out of your chimney and weather vanes that direct the smoke from your chimney to turn with the wind. Some roofing companies even pair up with chimney cleaning companies to offer you all the chimney assistance you could need at once.