Metal Roofing: 3 Mistakes To Be Aware Of

If it's time for a new roof for your home, you may have decided that you are tired of the shingled look. As you research other options, you may decide that you like the benefits of a metal roof. To make sure that you understand a little bit about metal roofing yourself before pursuing such a large project with a roofing company, consider these three metal roofing issues that may come up in the future.

Fasteners Backing Out or Rusting

Various weather elements, particularly the temperature and humidity, have a direct effect on a metal roof as well as the wood below it. When the weather elements are not taken into consideration during metal roof installation, it can cause the fasteners to back out or rust. When this happens, it can lead to constant maintenance on the roofing system as well as significant leaks. In some cases, there may be permanent damage done to the metal roof. Keep an eye on your metal roof for any signs of rust around or on your fasteners or if your fasteners are trying to pop up. If you notice this happening, contact a professional metal roofing company as soon as possible.

Color Batch Issues

There are never two batches of metal roofing that are the same. Therefore, it is important that when a metal roof is being installed that the entirety of the roof is installed from a single batch. Otherwise, there will be variability in color on the roof. In most cases, the difference in color may not be immediately seen. However, over time, as the metal wears from the weather, the differences will become more apparent and it is not attractive.

Voided Warranty

Prior to the metal roof being installed, it is important that all parties properly read the manufacturer's instructions to ensure that the warranty is not voided in any way. There are many ways that a warranty can be voided. In many cases, the warranty is not voided on purpose. However, as a homeowner, you don't want to pay for an expensive new roof to find out later that your warranty was voided because of a simple mistake. Some things that can lead to a voided warranty include fasteners driven in too tightly, improper underlayment, improper sealant usage, unsealed scratches, tweaked panel installation, and unpainted, jagged cut edges.

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