How To Tell When It’s Time For A New Roof

Keeping your home in good condition has a lot to do with protecting it from the elements. Strong siding keeps the rain from getting to the more vulnerable materials that uphold the structure of your house, and a solid foundation resists moisture so your property won't shift when the soil is submerged in water. The roof is the first line of defense against the elements, and it takes quite a beating each day. Knowing when to replace the roof is a key way for you to shield your investment and keep your house looking just as good as the day you first took ownership.

The Neighbors Are Replacing Their Roofs

Although you might be the sort of person who hates copying other people, there are times when being a bit of a copycat is actually a good thing. If you notice that several of your neighbors are starting to replace their roofs it just might be time for you to follow suit.

This really holds true if you and your neighbors have lived in the same houses since the homes were initially built. If all of the houses are about the same age and other people seem to be replacing their roofs one behind the other there is probably a good reason for this. Maybe the neighbors noticed some leaks that caused damages in their homes. It's better for you to take a preemptive approach and let a roofing contractor examine your roof to see if it's time to switch it out for an upgraded version.

Roof Granules Are Collecting In Your Yard

Roofing granules look like small, black rocks and they line the surface of your roof. They are there to protect the roof by covering over the underlying material so that it won't be damaged by things like hail or overpowering heat from the sun. If these granules have worn out or been compromised in some way you might walk onto your yard and notice that many of the tiny objects are now littering your lawn. When the granules fall away from the roof, it weakens the barrier, and if you don't act quickly, you could be facing some serious roof repairs in the near future.

Your roof needs just as much attention and maintenance as any other part of your home. Look out for these signs so that you'll know when it's time to get a roofing professional on the job. For more information, contact a company like Art Construction OF NW FL LLC.