4 Reasons To Install Tile Roofing Material

Do you take pride in the appearance of your home? If so, it can cause you to put some thought into what type of material is going to go on your roof, especially when an upcoming roof replacement is necessary. Here are four reasons to go with tile for the roofing material of your roof.

Tile Is Durable

The one part of your home that is continuously exposed to outdoor weather is your roof, even if it is just the heat of the sun beating down on it during the middle of the summer. If you happen to live in a part of the country that is prone to having hurricanes and other storm conditions, the roof will take an even harder toll on it when the bad weather comes through. If your home has a tile roof, know that it has the strength to withstand damage much better than other kinds of roofing materials that are available.

Tile Look Unique

Do you feel like your home kind of blends in with all of your neighbors? While you can't do anything to change the construction material of your home, you can change up the roof to make it more unique. By using tile, your home will actually stand out on the block among all your neighbors. It may even help your home have a high resale value since it will be seen as a feature worth paying extra for rather than a standard necessity.

Tile Provides Insulation

One job of your roof is to make sure that the hot air does not escape and the cold air doesn't get in. With inadequate roofing material, you'll likely have higher than usual energy bills in order to control the temperature of your home to a place that's comfortable. Tile roofing material provides excellent insulation over the competition, which improves the overall energy efficiency of your house.

Tile Is Fireproof

With so many homes on the west coast being engulfed by fire, you may be wondering if there is anything you can do to protect it. Since tile roofing material is fireproof, it can provide better protection from wildfires. Stray embers that land on the surface of the roof won't easily cause the entire surface to catch on fire, giving you some peace of mind during a tough time.

Convinced that it is time to get a tile roof? Reach out to a local roofing contractor like A&W Custom Carpentry and Roofing for more information. They'll give you a price quote for how much it will cost for all the materials and labor to get the job done.