Caring For Your New Cedar Shake Roofing

Cedar shake roofing can add quite a bit of charm to a home and can last many years if you tend to it properly. If you're considering a new cedar shake roof for your home or have recently had one installed, it's imperative that you learn what it takes to protect it from premature failure. Here, you'll find a few tips to help you protect the condition of your new cedar shake roofing.

Schedule Bi-Yearly Inspections

Right now, pick up the phone and call your cedar shake roofing contractor to schedule your inspection for two years from the time it was installed. Scheduling this inspection now will eliminate the chances of you forgetting to schedule it when the 2 years have passed. So many people don't realize how quickly a year passes and can easily forget to get things done that only need to be done annually or bi-annually.

Keep the Roof Clean

The cleaner you can keep the roof, the longer it will remain in great condition. If you allow limbs, leaves, dirt, and debris to lay on the roof, it will expedite the rotting process, cause discolorations and take years off of the roofing's life expectancy. If you have trees hanging over the home, it's time to get them trimmed back – you don't have to eliminate them completely unless they are dumping all kinds of stuff all over your roofing and blocking the sun from drying the rainwater quickly. Every few months, get your ladder and push broom out. Climb up onto the roof and spend some time sweeping the debris away. Don't forget to focus on the valleys where a lot of debris tends to build up.

Tip: If you don't have gutter covers, pick up some foam pool noodles to stuff in the gutters to keep the debris from filling the gutters as you clean the roof.

Have Repairs Made Immediately

The second you notice that there is a damaged shingle or two on the roof, call your contractor immediately. The longer you allow that damaged shingle to remain on the roof, the more water the underlayment and sub-roofing are being exposed to. If a single shake slips out of position, it can make for quite a mess if you don't take action to repair it quickly.

Talk with your cedar shake roofing contractor to learn what else needs to be done to protect the great condition that the roof is in today.