Inside And Outside: Signs That Your Commercial Building Needs A Roof Repair

The roof covering your place of business is just as important as the roof over your home. If the roof needs to be repaired or replaced, procrastination can lead to hefty expenses. You may not only need to fix the roof, but a roofing issue can cause damage to the structure of the building and to the expensive equipment and furnishings inside. To ensure that you can handle roofing problems quickly, here are a few signs on the inside and outside of a commercial building that may indicate your roof needs to be repaired: Read More 

Rubber Roofing Membrane Vs. BUR

Commercial properties tend to be large, and because of their size, the roofs tend to be flat. When you have a pitched roof, your roof does not have to be completely water tight. It just has to shed water. On the other hand, water can pool up on a flat roof, so your roof has to be completely water tight. The most common way to make a flat roof is to use built-up tar roofing or BUR. Read More 

Metal Roof Repair Guide

Repairing a metal roof can be an expensive and challenging job. If it is a simple repair job, these guidelines should be all you need to achieve a successful repair on the home. If there is an extensive amount of work required or problems with the roof, it may be advisable to hire a professional. Preparation Be sure you have a pair of goggles and leather gloves before you begin the repairs. Read More 

Roofing Like A Pro: 4 Must-Have Safety Items

Many roofing projects are simple enough that certain homeowners elect to undertake them on their own. Yet no matter how easy the project at hand, unless you're taking appropriate safety precautions, you may be putting yourself at risk of serious injury. If you would like to increase your knowledge of roofing, read on. This article will present four safety items that should be considered mandatory. High Traction Boots Poor traction is at the root of too many roofing accidents to count. Read More 

Four Steps You Can Take To Protect Your Roof From Winter Storms

With the snows of winter quickly approaching, now may be the only chance you have to shore up your roof against damage from winter weather. 1. Remove at-risk tree branches If you have trees near or overhanging your house, inspect them for any dead or weak-looking branches that may present a hazard to the roof. Removing these branches now can save a lot of expense and hassle during the winter. You should also consider removing any nearby trees that are leaning toward your house or that are old and rotten or otherwise unstable. Read More