Give Gutters A Chance: Ways That Homeowners Can Help Gutters Do Their Job

If you want to avoid potential property damage from water, make sure to take care of your home's gutters. These troughs carry the water from your roof and the elements, guiding it safely away from the walls and foundation of the home. Give your gutters a chance to do their job by keeping them maintained and damage-free. Some ways to help your gutters include: Periodic cleaning. Make sure to keep your home's gutters clean, just as you would the exterior walls, windows, or outbuildings of your property. Read More 

Information You Should Know About Your Roof

If you are a new home owner then learning about the different parts of your home is important. You need to make sure you know all about proper home maintenance so you can avoid major issues that can leave you in a mess and be quite costly for you to have taken care of. The roof is just one of the areas of concern you should have. Here are a few important roof maintenance tips many new home owners have and the answers to them: Read More 

3-Step Guide For Performing Annual Preventative Maintenance On Your Home’s Shingled Roof

If your home has a shingled roof, you may wonder if there is anything you can do to prevent future leaks. If so, use the following three-step guide for performing preventative maintenance on your roof once a year. Step 1:  Clear Off Any Debris This first step involves clearing off any debris on your roof, such as leaves and branches. Completing this step first allows you to fully see the condition of the shingles. Read More 

Four Steps To Take After A Storm Damages Your Roof

Severe storms can sometimes lead to roof damage, whether the damage comes from a falling tree, hail, or the roof being ripped away by strong winds. Taking quick action to repair the roof can help to minimize further damage inside of your home. Here are some steps you can take after a severe storm to repair your roof and protect your home. Assess The Damage Not all storm damage will be immediately noticeable. Read More 

3 Excuses Homeowners Often Use To Avoid Replacing Their Outdated Metal Roof When They Really Should

If there is one thing most homeowners know when it comes to roofing, it is that a metal roof is one of the better options to have in place for a lot of reasons. Metal roofs are known to have some of the longest lifespans when they are well maintained and properly installed. However, many homeowners put off replacing the metal roof even when it really does need to be pulled off and redone. Read More