Tips For Removing Old Shingles

If you have to remove your roofing shingles before installing a new roof, you need to be careful about it because you may end up damaging your home or injuring yourself. Here are some useful tips to prevent both from happening. Protect Your House and Landscaping Debris from the roof can damage your house, especially glass windows and doors, if you are not careful. Even the landscaping, such as the flowerbeds and lawn, are susceptible to damage during the removal of shingles. Read More 

Clean And Repair A Foam Roof Coating

If your business has a foam roof coating covering the building's flatop roof, it is essential that you inspect and clean the foam surface each year to detect underlying problems and to prevent foam from wearing out. Use the tips below to visually check the rooftop, remove debris and surfaces stains, and add a recoating product if necessary. Materials ladder harness bucket push broom bleach warm water spray bottle soft sponge can of foam roof coating spray nozzle putty knife or scraper elastomeric coating paint roller Inspect The Roof And Remove Loose Objects Read More 

3 Reasons You May Need A Home Roof Repair

Ensuring your home is in the best shape is sure to be high on your list of priorities. One essential component of your property is your roof. You will want to monitor it routinely and look for potential damage. However, there are certain situations at your home that may require more roof repairs than others. Knowing some of the most common reasons repairs are necessary may be beneficial to you. Read More 

Signs Of Asphalt Shingle Wind Damage

If you have a shingle roof on your home, then your house is probably quite same from typical winter weather conditions. While this is true, there are cases where winter wind can truly punish the shingles to the point that they become damaged. Wind damage is typically easy to spot. Keep reading to understand how to locate the damage, so a roofing professional can be contacted to make the appropriate repair.  Horizontal Creases Read More 

Why Your Gutters Are Not Channeling Water Into The Downspouts

Roof gutters are meant to collect water from the roof and channel it into the downspouts. If that isn't happening, it means the water is flowing elsewhere and is probably causing damage. Here are some of the reasons your gutters may fail at their main duties: The Seams Are Coming Apart A typical gutter comprises of different materials joined together to form one long gutter. Therefore, the gutter can leak if the seams come apart, for example, due to accidental damage or deterioration of the sealing material. Read More