Five Ways To Avoid Ice Dam Damage This Winter

Your roof is designed to handle most snow and ice, but problems can occur if an ice dam forms. These dams allow moisture to seep beneath shingles and into your house. 1. Improve Your Roof Vents Ice dams are often a result of poor attic ventilation. Hot air from heating your home becomes trapped in the attic where it then melts the snow on your roof too quickly. Once the snowmelt reaches the edge of the roof where temperatures are lower, it refreezes into a dam. Read More 

Three Maintenance Tips For Your Apartment Building Roof

As a property owner, you need to both protect your investment and make sure that your tenants are satisfied. A well functioning roof helps with both of these goals. Damage to the roof can lead to leaks and extensive water damage. If a tenant reports the problem quickly you may be able to avoid the worse of the damage, but not all tenants are equally proactive. Further, roof leaks can be frustrating to the tenants and impact whether or not they renew their lease. Read More